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The Scarlet Rose

Girl Goddess Number 1

1 February
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Name: Scarlet
Sex: Chick
Age: 20
What you need to know about me: I'm a novelist, a poet, a bit of both a lover and a fighter, a huge flirt, an even bigger tease, slightly stupid but kind by nature, sassy, loud, occasionally smartmouthed, a badass, a procrastinator who hates procrastinators, opinionated; too much sometimes; lazy, fashionably challenged, a tomboy who likes skirts but hates her legs, a proper lady who calls herself a chick, but can burp like a man, an asmathic athlete, a slob who likes cleaning others rooms, a freak, a loser, a weirdo, an admitted dork, and an unnaturally big spazz who's fluent in freak, but has trouble with pig latin. I am too much of everything to be one thing, and too complex to be simple, and not simple enough to be nothing. I am Scarlet.

Interests: Music, anime, manga, I'm a loser fanfiction writer too