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September 2011



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I'm Running Out of Time

It's 4am.

I have a news story due two days ago that I haven't started writing, and a feature story due Monday that I haven't even began contacting sources for.

I hate this.

My need to get my ass in gear and not be indecisive is starting to affect me in all areas of my life. I was put on my sorority's Leadership Team, and while that sounds wonderful, it's starting to get to that time for us to start deciding when we're meeting, and I don't know what the fuck my schedule will be like next semester, since I'm going to have to change my classes again if I do decide to change my major.

All of this really means that I need to make another trip back down to Academic Advising, and hopefully see someone who will take me seriously and actually listen instead of pushing me off onto someone else.

Currently, I'm a journalism major. And while I think I'm a journalist at heart, I also think that that's not something I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I'm currently wrestling with the decision, and asking myself "Are you quitting your major because you aren't happy with it, or because it's too hard?" And I figure it's a combination thereof. It is hard, but normally, I don't mind doing difficult things if I'm passionate about them. However, I've lost that passion. And, I'm just not happy anymore. Honestly, I just feel like I'm not learning anything new, and the paper I'm working on is so dull and boring that I'm not producing any quality work, which all in all, is remarkably useless to me.

I'm worried, however, that if I do wind up switching majors, that I'm not going to have a chance to graduate in 2012, which is when I fully intend upon leaving college. I set out to do it in 4 years. If I can't do it in 4 years, there will be no end to my shame and disappointment. I'm thinking about switching to Media Communications, since it seems to aim more towards the field I'd like to be in, also, I should be able to keep a minor in Journalism, which is beneficial, since I currently don't have a minor.

Monday, I've decided, I'm going to at the very least call Academic Advising, and try and set up an appointment this week with someone to get me changed and registered and whatnot.  If I have time, I'll go in person, if the weather isn't too cold, that is.

Anyways, on a happier note, I did some small shopping this weekend. I finally relented and bought a new TV. It's a 16 inch HD LCD TV that I got for $139, which, personally, I think is quite a steal. I hadn't really splurged on myself in a long while, so I thought it'd be good to treat myself to something nifty. I think my next purchase is going to be a new cell phone, but that's a ways down the line.

Thanksgiving was... interesting to say the least. I got home and rushed into the back to realize that my father was gone. That was interesting. Hadn't really expected that. Turns out, he left and went to visit my grandparents (something I'd expressed wanting to do for many years) without me. Or hell, without even telling me. Or anyone as the case appears, as apparently Mom only found out when she came home and her stuff was dumped out of her suitcase.

Needless to say I was a little upset. Because, honestly, one of the main reasons I came home for the weekend was because of Dad. But oh well, shit happens. This Thanksgiving was pretty tolerable. Not too much silly drama and bickering. My sister annoyed me so much that wanted to strangle her from the backseat just to see if anyone would miss her, but oh well. You'd think I'd be used to her attention whoring by this point in time. But nope. Apparently not.


Get off my journal you fucking troll.